Monthly Archives: July 2017

Does My Loved One Need Help?

Are you concerned for a loved one and their ability to remain safely in their home? Completing this simple assessment will help you identify potential risks and threats to their independence, and will give you a starting point for finding options to address those needs. Physical Health Has your loved one been diagnosed with anyContinue Reading

Things to Consider if a Senior Lives Alone

Things to Consider if a Senior Lives Alone How do you know when it’s time to help a relative make the decision to hire a home health care company to have a caregiver help? The answers to this questionnaire may help you make that decision. SAFETY NEEDS 1. Has your elderly relative had accidents asContinue Reading

Division among siblings when parents need care

Siblings are not equally involved in caregiving when their aging parents start needing care. In 75 percent of all cases, only one adult child will become a caregiver. Mothers are primarily cared for by their daughters, whereas sons continue to be less willing to become the sole caregivers for their parents. In families without daughters,Continue Reading

Way Back Wednesday! Vernon woman uses family experience to start From the Heart

VERNON — Jazz guitarist Eddie Hazell lived an amazing life. He toured across North America, recorded several albums, and even had a book written about him, “Someone Out There is Listening: The Life of Eddie Hazell.” But of all the people he met through his gift of music, at the end of his life one of the people at his side was someone he did not knowContinue Reading

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