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Exercise Treats Elderly Depression

Exercising three times a week could be more effective than medication in relieving the symptoms of major depression in elderly people and may also decrease the chances that the depression will return over time. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center, in Durham N.C., studied 156 majorly depressed patients 50 and older and found that afterContinue Reading

Helping Your Aging Parents Without Going Broke

From making their daily life easier to affording in-home care, here’s the (money) wise guide you need When Sue Dietz noticed her mother’s dementia worsening, she began spending every day at her parents’ house near Pittsburgh — making sure her mom was eating properly and taking medications. But the schedule became too much when Dietz’sContinue Reading

Who Will Care For An Aging Parent

Siblings are not equally involved in caregiving when their aging parents start needing care. In 75 percent of all cases, only one adult child will become a caregiver. Mothers are primarily cared for by their daughters, whereas sons continue to be less willing to become the sole caregivers for their parents. In families without daughters,Continue Reading

A dog is a man’s best friend….it’s true!

It doesn’t take a scientist to know that pets make humans feel good; anyone who’s ever stroked a dog’s fur or felt a cat’s thrumming purr knows this. Science can, however, tell us how and why pets can be therapeutic. Just 15 minutes bonding with an animal sets off a chemical chain reaction in theContinue Reading

When Choosing a Caregiver For Your Loved One

Do: • observe your parent’s daily activities • know the type of care your parent needs • inquire about the levels of care • find out his or her qualifications • make a connection Don’t: • let your parent feel like a burden • interview the caregiver all by yourself • assume that the caregiverContinue Reading

Chance to WIN $200 in cash!!!

“LIKE” us on Facebook for a chance to win $200 in CASH!!! It pays to be a From The Heart Elder Care Fan! ‘LIKE’ our Facebook Page and you could win $200 in cash! It’s simple, as soon as we reach 1,000 LIKES on our page, we will randomly pick a winner from our existingContinue Reading

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