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Taking Away Your Parents’ Car Keys

As a widow in her 70s, my mother terrorized several counties in southern Idaho with her erratic driving. She loved to drive fast, but often forgot about rules and regulations. Once she was speeding on the freeway and a patrol car followed her for 10 miles, lights flashing, before she noticed and pulled over. SheContinue Reading

Caring for Elderly Parents: Real-Life Stories

The chance that your parents will have a long life is greater than ever before: The average American lives to 79—nearly a decade longer than the previous generation. Happily, this means more years of their love and support. But the reality is that you’ll have to address their needs as they grow older. Some 44Continue Reading

In-home care of dementia patients falls mainly on women

As the population ages, a surge in patients with dementia will place an excessive burden on working women. By 2030, it is estimated that 8.4 million Americans will have some form of dementia. Stanford researchers say that currently the responsibility of caring for people with dementia falls largely on female relatives. The responsibility of providingContinue Reading

Way Back Wednesday – Our Story!

By Claudia Caramiello Published Oct 13, 2015 at 4:10 pm (Updated Oct 13, 2015) VERNON — Linda Esposito started From the Heart Elder Care out of love, need, and guilt. Yes guilt. Five years ago, when her own mother passes away, Esposito had a well of guilt in her heart because there were no viableContinue Reading

Siblings, who will care for Mom and Dad?

Siblings are not equally involved in caregiving when their aging parents start needing care. In 75 percent of all cases, only one adult child will become a caregiver. Mothers are primarily cared for by their daughters, whereas sons continue to be less willing to become the sole caregivers for their parents. In families without daughters,Continue Reading

Home Care or a Nursing Home??

As your parents grow older, it’s natural for you to worry about how they will get along from day to day. This is especially true as they become weaker and more forgetful, as they’re more vulnerable to accidents and injuries. It becomes more evident that they need senior care. Now as a responsible son orContinue Reading

Please cast your votes!! Only ONE day left!!

Please cast your votes! From The Heart Elder Care is in the running for NJ Herald’s Reader’s Choice Contest. Please vote for us by using the link below. Simply scroll to the “Best Nursing Home” category and pick “other” option and enter: FROM THE HEART ELDER CARE (The NJ Herald promised us they will addContinue Reading

Keep your loved one at HOME and let us help you

The decision to move an aging loved one into a nursing home may be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. In fact, it is common for adult children to promise themselves they will never subject a parent to “that kind of place.” They may be sincere, but that kind of promiseContinue Reading

Tips to Keep Your Loved One Safe at Home

Caring for an aging parent can sometimes be very overwhelming, we have gathered some simple areas for caregivers to pay attention to when trying to create a safe environment for an elderly loved one at home. 1. Calling for help should be easily accessible In an emergency situation for a senior, getting immediate help canContinue Reading

Alzheimer’s Treatment Restores Memory Reading

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