Clean Where It Counts: 3 Surfaces That Matter

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Did you know that some surfaces are more problematic than others in terms of harboring germs? That’s especially important if you’re living with someone who has an autoimmune disorder, cancer, or pneumonia, or who is taking medications that compromise immunity.

If you can’t manage a complete housecleaning every week (as if!), try just focusing on these often-neglected surfaces:

1. The touchables.

This includes all those surfaces you touch without thinking about them. Wipe down doorknobs, remote control devices, phones (including Smartphone), and keyboards.

2. Key kitchen tops.

Routinely clean kitchen countertops — but also get to those kitchen surfaces that older adults often forget about, like cutting boards and knives.

3. Key bathroom surfaces.

Most people think about wiping the countertop. But while you’re at it, wipe down the faucets, toilet flush lever, and light switch. Keeping portable disinfectant wipes in the room will make the job easier. Tip: Shutting the commode lid before you flush prevents spray.