Meals On Wheels: Did you know…

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Did you know that you can contact Meals On Wheels to deliver food for needy seniors? Read on…

Gloria is a 90-year-old woman healthy enough to still live alone. But it is no longer safe for her to drive, and making meals has become problematic. Kathryn is only 65 but just had hip replacement surgery. She also lives alone, but is having trouble getting around and cannot cook for herself. She’ll be able to resume cooking once she has recovered from the surgery, but, for the time being, meal preparation is a challenge.

Meal on Wheels Association of America is a tremendous resource for people like these two women. All told, there are some 5,000 local senior nutrition programs in the United States, providing more than one million meals to needy seniors each and every day.

But the largely volunteer staff of MOW does more than just deliver food – they also provide a safety check and a friendly smile that often serves as a lifeline to homebound seniors. Many of those who receive Meals on Wheels may have just come home from the hospital, have limited mobility, impaired vision or cognitive difficulties.

If you or your loved one is having trouble getting regular meals, I urge you to contact this wonderful program. To find the Meal on Wheels program nearest you, go to their website at and simply input your ZIP code.