Stories that will make you smile

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We know that as a caregiver you experience moments with your loved one that make you laugh, cry and sometimes even embarrass you. Here are a few stories to make you smile:

My Dad has a CNA come twice a week to assist him with his bath. I mentioned to him yesterday that he should get her something for Christmas. He told me to pick her up one of those things that you “rub and it grows”. After a few questions I discovered he meant a Chia Pet.
– BonnieO

Mom is 91-years-old and suffers from Alzheimer’s. She also has a distended abdomen from a haital hernia, misshapen feet from having worn ill-fitting shoes and has had a mastectomy. She could also lose a few pounds. I recently I overheard her tell her aide while bathing, “Don’t be jealous of my body.”
– arniethek1

One night at the dinner table, my father (who has dementia) asked my husband and I if we are married. After we told him we were, he started singing, “All I want for Christmas is my mem-or-ree!” I’m glad dad can laugh about this!
– Mickey

My father has had a couple of strokes and has trouble with finding and interchanging words a lot. One day, we got in the car to go shopping and he started yelling to stop the car. I asked “why” and he told me he left his balls at home. He was speaking about his wallet. So now it is a joke when we leave the house we ask if him if he has his balls. This is only one of many funnies.
– Alena

Something cute. I came home yesterday from work and Mom came out to the kitchen to greet me. I said, “Mom, you have on my sweat pants!” We each have a pair of soft, comfy pea green sweats. Hers are a size 14 and mine are a few sizes bigger! She says, “I thought I had lost a lot of weight!” Then she pulls up her shirt to show me she had them pinned to her bra to keep them up! We had a good laugh!
– Patti4Mom