Thanking your Caregiver

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Through our many years of experience with Elder Care, we put together a list of fun, thoughtful and unique ways to thank your caregiver, check it out!
Be thoughtful. You can always give them something small and personal. Maybe your caregiver enjoys movies but doesn’t really have time to go out, suggest a movie night. Is there a hobby your caregiver enjoys or a book you think they might like? Perhaps buying them some yarn for knitting or giving them a gift card to a book store will show them they are appreciated.
Little things can make a big difference. Tell the world how great your caregiver is. You can write an article in your local newspaper or simply blog on different websites and update your Facebook and Twitter status to share with your friends how much you appreciate your caregiver. With the Internet, the possibilities for sharing your caregiver with the world are endless.
Say it. Just saying the words “thank you” is always a good place to start, even though it may seem small, it will brighten their day.
Create something special. No matter how old you are, creating anything from a cheesy poem to personal artwork may seem silly but could actually be a really good idea. Something you create will probably be highly appreciated because you put forth effort to make something special for your caregiver. If you don’t have much of creative ability, then try leaving little notes in different places. Sometimes small surprises can be the best thing to get.