The Best Gift Ideas For The Elderly

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Some people are just impossible to shop for. When it comes to our aging loved ones that is quite often the case. Sometimes when you think you’ve found the perfect gift, they may not be able to use it due to a wide variety of reasons.

Fox News offers up some of the best gifts to get your aging loved one during this holiday season:

1. Amazon Kindle Oasis – iPads are amazing tools, but they are often heavy, cumbersome, and overly complicated. This new Kindle is the lightest yet and has one definitive feature- reading. Your aging loved one has a seemingly unlimited supply of books to enjoy and can do so with the touch of a button.

2. Wireless landline phones – Some seniors refuse to invest their time into learning a smartphone. Landlines are still common for older adults, but that doesn’t mean they have to be restricted. A wireless landline phone like the Clarity BT914, as Fox News suggests, can offer them freedom and simplicity when trying to communicate. For those willing to take the leap into cell phone territory, I suggest looking into the Jitterbug. They even have a smartphone model now that provides email functionality in a straightforward and readable format.

3. Humidifiers – A humidifier can help your aging loved one sleep and breathe better. Some models are even portable and offer a broad range of features that can provide many health benefits.

4. Fitness Trackers – Just because they are elderly, doesn’t mean they aren’t active. Whether you’re senior wants an advanced “wearable” like FitBit or something simple like the Mio Fuse, there are many options available for your loved one.

5.”Smart” medicine dispenser – While Fox News’s article doesn’t mention this gift idea, we’ve seen many caregivers and family members flock to this new trend. Technology is helping seniors take their daily medicine and aiding their loved ones in having peace of mind by receiving smartphone notifications when seniors actually use the machine. Some devices lock the medicine internally that only dispenses the daily dose while others detect the weight of the pills and act accordingly.

You do not need to be frustrated when buying presents for your loved ones. The above five technological gifts are simple and beneficial to their happiness and well-being. Be sure to shop early and get ready for the holidays! If you are unsure if your senior could use one of these gifts such as fitness trackers or medicine dispensers, contact a physician.