Tips to Keep Your Loved One Safe at Home

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Caring for an aging parent can sometimes be very overwhelming, we have gathered some simple areas for caregivers to pay attention to when trying to create a safe environment for an elderly loved one at home.

1. Calling for help should be easily accessible

In an emergency situation for a senior, getting immediate help can be the difference between life and death.

Your senior should always carry a cell phone on them or be within arms reach of the home phone. If your area offers a call assist or personal emergency response system, consider using these services where your senior can call for help with a simple push of a button.

2. Turn the lights on

Always make sure that the areas around entryways, hallways and stairs are well lit, get the brightest bulbs you can find in the store. Installing motion-sensor lighting throughout your home is a great way to light up the house so seniors don’t need to struggle to find the light switch in the dark.

3. Mobility Mobility Mobility

Proper planning and modifications can allow your senior to safely maneuver around your home should they require assistance in walking, standing or use a wheelchair. Making minor changes can greatly improve their quality of life. For instance, installing grab bars can help them keep their balance in the bathroom and widening doorways can help them get around in the home easier. Remove any area rugs they can easily trip over.

4. Use At-Home Safety Devices

There are a number of products out there that are designed to keep seniors safe. For example, pill dispensers, TV monitoring systems, security poles and mobility assistance rails, Hip Protectors- which are designed to protect a senior’s hips, these are light and comfortable underwear that come in a number of designs for men and women and will shield the hips from fracturing during a fall.

5. Clean start

Install a curbless shower to avoid having to step up and over. Put in a shower chair or bench so your senior can sit while they wash. And a hand-held showerhead makes cleaning both yourself and the shower easier.