You’re Never Too Old to Dream

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Faujah Sing: Blog1Marathon Man – In February 2013, Faujah Sing became the oldest person to run a marathon at age 101, completing a 6.25 kilometer race in Hong Kong in one hour, 32 minutes, and 28 seconds. Astonishingly, Sing only came to racing at age 89 after losing his wife and son, but has since completed eight competitive races.


DeBlog2siline Victor: Voting Legend – At age 102 and wheelchair bound, Desiline Victor sat in line for several hours waiting to vote at her Florida polling station on Election Day 2012. Her persistence and dedication to exercise her right to vote caught the attention of President Obama, who acknowledged her in his State of the Union address. Victor now has a bill named after her (“Desiline’s Free and Fair Democracy Act”) which will
ease the voting process for everyone.


Min Bahadur SherchBlog3an: Peace Maker – Min Bahadur Sherchan is the oldest person to reach the world’s highest peak, climbing Mt. Everest at the age of 76. Sherchan scaled the 29,035-foot (8,850-meter) mountain in May 2008 and at age 81, still holds the Guinness World Record for his accomplishment. Says Sherchan, “My main objective for climbing Everest was for world peace. I was determined to either climb the peak or die trying.”



Blog4Jiroemon Kimura: Last Man Standing – The oldest verified living person to date is 115-year old Jiroemon Kimura, who holds the Guinness World Record. He is the only living person born before 1900, and will turn 116 on April 19.