Monthly Archives: April 2014

Caring for Aging Parents, Even From a Distance

Through the 1990s, Patrick Quirke’s career was sailing along. Every few years, he would be promoted at the transportation company where he worked and move to another city. He said he had every reason to believe that he would be promoted to the company’s headquarters in a few more moves. Then, his parents’ health startedContinue Reading

Alzheimer’s takes heavy toll on women

Alzheimer’s is more likely to strike women and puts more demands on women as caregivers. Alzheimer’s takes a disproportionate toll on women, according to a report released Wednesday from the Alzheimer’s Association. Women are far more likely to develop the fatal disease than men: one in six women over 65 will get it during theirContinue Reading

Meals On Wheels: Did you know…

Did you know that you can contact Meals On Wheels to deliver food for needy seniors? Read on… Gloria is a 90-year-old woman healthy enough to still live alone. But it is no longer safe for her to drive, and making meals has become problematic. Kathryn is only 65 but just had hip replacement surgery. SheContinue Reading

Caregiver Stories: Funny Things Elderly Parents Do

My mom lived in an assisted care facility where everyone left their doors open. One man with Alzheimer’s was restless and walked the halls endlessly. On one visit, she mentioned that he had tried to crawl into bed with her one night. I said what did you do?! She told him he was in theContinue Reading

When parents need care: Division of labor among siblings

Siblings are not equally involved in caregiving when their aging parents start needing care. In 75 percent of all cases, only one adult child will become a caregiver. Mothers are primarily cared for by their daughters, whereas sons continue to be less willing to become the sole caregivers for their parents. In families without daughters,Continue Reading

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