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Five Quick Pick-Me-ups for Caregiver Stress

Having one of those days? The best antidote to stress and fatigue is to treat yourself well — even if in small doses. Try these pick-me-ups: 10 minutes to yourself that reverberate much further into your day. 1. Read something funny. Laughter has been shown to trigger the relaxation response, lower heart rate and bloodContinue Reading

Sequal’s Grape and Goodies Fundraiser

The Eleventh Annual Senior Quality Of Life Foundation, Inc. (SEQUAL) Fundraiser Grapes and Goodies…Wine Tasting and Food Pairing! Farmstead Golf & Country Club  November 13, 2016  3:00 to 6:00 pm   Sequal’s Mission: To provide programs and activities for seniors, which are not currently available through Government sources. To educate seniors, their families and theContinue Reading

The Caring Side of Healthcare

This is an article I found in the Huffington Post – it really touched me and made me realize just how much of a difference our amazing Caregivers make in the lives of the elderly that they care for…. I’ve been spending a lot of time in hospitals and nursing homes. I can’t walk throughContinue Reading

Some Good Cities To Grow Old In

For a city to be aging-friendly, its residents need affordable and safe housing, opportunities for staying engaged in activities that matter to them and access to health care and other services. An aging-friendly city also offers opportunities for people to work, for pay or not. By 2050, the population over age 65 is projected toContinue Reading

This will make you laugh, so cute!

Continue Reading

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