The Caring Side of Healthcare

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This is an article I found in the Huffington Post – it really touched me and made me realize just how much of a difference our amazing Caregivers make in the lives of the elderly that they care for….

I’ve been spending a lot of time in hospitals and nursing homes.

I can’t walk through the facility without slowing down and looking an elderly person in the eye. And I smile. And I pause until they see my smile. Then their dazed eyes come to life. And their grins begin to form smiles. And I hold their eye contact and I nod my head until my eyes water and I say you are loved. I say it with my eyes and smile. And I know they hear me. I feel it clearly. They are still alive.

But these bittersweet moments are fleeting. It is tough. I hear moans. Screams of anguish and longings to go home. Take me home, they say. I wanna go home.

It’s sad. Really sad.

Elderly care is something that requires so much patience, love and discipline.

All those who have dedicated their lives to helping assist the elderly, rehab the elderly so they could return home, and care for the elderly: thank you.

You are living angels and you are not thanked enough.

Nurses, to nursing aids, to nursing assistants, to physical, occupational and speech therapists, to social workers and case managers, even to doctors: thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Your love and patience cannot be quantified.

According to the CDC, in the U.S. there are 1.7 million elderly living in nursing homes.

Imagine how many millions more go through rehab facilities before returning to the comfort of their homes where they receive home care. Spending time in a rehab facility is stressful. It’s hard to navigate all the care and parts involved in cleaning, feeding, healing, and caring for our loved ones. At times it’s frustrating but after spending hours and hours and hours in this environment you see beauty.

98 percent of these caregivers are soft beautiful souls who work diligently for our loved ones.

Thank you. You are loved right back.

So many of these elderly are neglected but you can see the life and love in their eyes.

And all of this is due to those who patiently care for them.

We’re living longer. This type of care will only grow in numbers.

And it can’t be said enough to all those who care: THANK YOU!