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Clean Where It Counts: 3 Surfaces That Matter

Did you know that some surfaces are more problematic than others in terms of harboring germs? That's especially important if you're living with someone who has an autoimmune disorder, cancer,…

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Elderly Caregiving

By many estimates, the group of American citizens 65 years and older will quadruple in the next three decades. With this expected population growth many of us in the upcoming…

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Hiring Someone to Help With Home Care

Most questions about family caregiving can't be answered with a simple yes or no. But the question of whether home care agencies are all alike is one of the few…

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FTHEC is now HIRING!!!

We are looking for certified caregivers!! If you are looking for a part time, full time or Live-In positions, please fill out an application under our 'employment' tab.  If you meet…

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What Causes That “Old-Person Smell”?

We know it when we smell it, though it can be hard to describe, and even harder to talk about. Sometimes we describe it as musty, sometimes as medicinal, sometimes;…

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