Why Hiring a Home Health Agency is the better choice

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Here is an interesting article about the benefits of hiring a Home Health Care Company for a loved one:

With the increasing number of elderly in the United States, many families are faced with the question of how to care for their aging family member. In the past, the choices were either take care of them yourself or send your aging loved one to a nursing home, however, senior care has begun to change with the rise of in home care agencies.

In home elder care has become a very popular choice among many families, it may be something worth considering if you have an elderly family member in need of care. Here are 3 reasons to consider hiring an in home senior care to care for your aging family member:

1. Better Quality of Life

Studies show that over 90% of seniors want to remain in their homes for as long as possible and this statistic is certainly no surprise. Who wouldn’t want to stay in the comfort of their own home verses moving to a nursing home. The challenge is that as senior’s age, their medical needs become more difficult. And usually it reaches the point where they can’t live on their own without someone checking on them. In home senior care solves this problem. It provides seniors with a qualified professional to take care of them in the comfort of their own home, therefore increasing their quality of life.

2. Higher Level of Care

Compared with a nursing home, in home caregivers provide seniors better quality care. It’s not that nursing home nurses are poor, it’s that their patient to nurse ratio can be 15:1 or higher. This does not allow them the ability to give one on one care to each and every patient. By contrast, in home care allows a nurse to administer treatment to your family member only, allowing them to bond and giving your family member a companion that will grow to trust more deeply.

3. Ability to Tailor Plans to Your Needs

This is a big advantage of the in home elder care or assisted living option; the ability to customize a treatment plan around the needs of your individual family member. This means you can receive as little or as much care as is necessary. This type of customization is not structurally possible in nursing home. In addition to tailor made treatment plans, most in home care agencies also allow you to sign up with them on a month to month basis without having to sign a long term contract. It is nice to know that if the senior care agency you’re with is not working out, you can cancel their services without paying any penalty.